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The CTE College Credit / Tech Prep program is comprised of skill-based classes that qualify for articulated credit towards both high school and college graduation requirements. These courses give you a chance to explore career options and areas you are interested in while building an official college transcript.

The CTE College Credit / Tech Prep program identifies high school courses comparable to specific college courses and creates articulation agreements between them.

Community colleges in California receive federally funded grants. Each establishes a group of schools, businesses, ROP programs and universities to develop and operate the CTE College Credit / Tech Prep program.

How to earn CTE College Credit for high school courses:

1. Enroll in a high school CTE College Credit / Tech Prep course. Information is available in your high school counseling office or call 619-644-7647.

2. Fill out an on-line application to Grossmont College or Cuyamaca College.

3. Earn a grade of A or B in the CTE College Credit / Tech Prep course.

4. Fill out an Articulated Credit form after the course is completed.

That’s it! Your enrollment into college is done and upon your completion of the course with a "B" or better you are eligible to earn free college credit. Once your Articulated Credit Form is processed, credit will be applied to your college transcript one semester after the high school course has been completed.

Questions about CTE College Credit / Tech Prep?

Please contact:

  • Your high school counselor or college and career specialist.
  • Your CTE instructors teaching approved CTE College Credit / Tech Prep courses.
  • The CTE College Credit / Tech Prep Office: (619) 644-7647, or email leslie.blanchard@gcccd.edu 

To see a description of the college classes, see the college catalogs.

These are the classes for which you will already have college credit-
if you earn a "B" or better in the articulated High School classes,
and turn in your "Articulated Credit Form"  on time.

  • Grossmont
  • Cuyamaca
A Member of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District