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Open District Community/Board Workshops


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
03/21/2017 Governing Board members met in the Cuyamaca College Student Center, to learn about Student Affairs' comprehensive leadership development opportunities for students, including a variety of clubs, workshops, and programs.
01/17/2017 Cuyamaca College students and Board members had an overview and tour of the Athletics & Exercise Science programs, including their impact on student learning and success.


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/13/2016 2016 Facilities Master Plan Refresh PowerPoint.pdf
2016 Facilities Master Plan Refresh.pdf
GCCCD 2016-2022 Strategic Plan Implementation PowerPoint.pdf
GCCCD 2016-2022 Strategic Plan.pdf
08/16/2016 Grossmont College students study the known universe by direct, scientific observation and through guided tours of the astronomical vastness in our planetarium.
New Grossmont and Cuyamaca College programs:
Fall 2016 Launch Presentation.pdf
05/17/2016 Joint Meeting with GUHSD - regarding the East County Education Alliance
2016 Joint Board Alliance Presentation.pdf
Alliance Goals 2016.pdf
04/19/2016 2016-2022 Strategic Plan-Equity-Minded Student Success.pdf
03/16/2016 Cuyamaca College Career and Technical Education (CTE) Workshop: Review of CTE Programs: Water & Wastewater Tech, Additive Manufacturing (CADD), Environmental Health & Safety Management (EHSM)
Invitation to Board Workshop.pdf
Building Skills for the Future.pdf
02/16/2016 Grossmont College Nature Reserve Learning Lab


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/08/2015 GCCCD 2015-16 Progress Report with 2014-15 Outcomes.pdf
GCCCD 2015-16 Progress Report Presentation.pdf
11/17/2015 Public Safety Presentation.pdf
08/18/2015 Grossmont College Student Services
06/16/2015 Grossmont College Office of Student Affairs, Student Health Services Office, and the ASGC office
05/19/2015 Joint Meeting with GUHSD - regarding the East County Education Alliance
03/17/2015 Vets Pre-Board Presentation.pdf


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/09/2014 2014 Student Equity Presentation.pdf
10/21/2014 Distance Education Report 2014.pdf
09/09/2014 Student Success and Support Program Plans Presentation Final.pdf
05/20/2014 DWM GCCCD Board Wkshp 2014SP.pdf
04/22/2014 Planning for Student Success Presentation.pdf
02/18/2014 CA Community Colleges Baccalaureate Degree Study Group Report.pdf
SDCCD Baccalaureate Presentation.pdf
SB 850 Block as introduced.pdf
Sharp Grossmont Hospital Presentation.pdf
ADN to BSN Presentation.pdf
01/21/2014 Distance Education - PDF
Distance Education - PowerPoint
Data Summary


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
11/19/2013 GCCCD Strategic Plan 2013-14 Outcomes Presentation
GCCCD Strategic Plan 2013-14 Outcomes Report
09/10/2013 The Board's role in accreditation
08/20/2013 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives
Diversity Equity and Inclusion 8-20-13.pptx
06/18/2013 EAO-Presentation061813.pdf
03/19/2013 Cuyamaca College First Year Experience - PowerPoint


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
11/13/2012 Making the Grade: Strategic Plan Outcomes 2011-2012 - PDF
Strategic Plan Outcomes 2011-2012 GB Preboard Presentation 111313
09/11/2012 Living the Dream: Transfer and Completion in the GCCCD - PDF
05/15/2012 More Than Just The Basics In Basic Skills - PDF
04/17/2012 The Golden Gate Bridge: What It Can Teach Us About Our Core Indicators of Success - PDF
02/21/2012 Educational Master Plan - full document


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
09/13/2011 ESL Link Program - PDF
06/21/2011 Comparison of 2006, 2008, and 2010 Students - PDF
Comparison of 2006, 2008, and 2010 Students - PowerPoint
05/17/2011 Math Academy - Accelerated Curriculum - PDF
Math Academy - Accelerated Curriculum - PowerPoint
02/12/2011 Fall 2010 First-Time College-Going Students - PDF
Fall 2010 First-Time College-Going Students - PowerPoint


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
10/19/2010 Important Findings
Summary of Pilot Interventions
09/14/2010 Student Success - Chapter 10
Student Success
08/17/2010 Session Postponed
07/20/2010 Student Success - Chapter 9
Data Summary
Data Summary
06/14/2010 CLASS Cohort Report - Persistence
CLASS Cohort Report - Persistence
CLASS Report- June Supplement
CLASS Report - June Supplement
Student Success - Chapter 8
EOPS Summer Institute Program
05/18/2010 CLASS Cohort Report - Success
CLASS Cohort Report - Success
CLASS Report - May Supplement
STEM Center Statistics
STEM Center Statistics
04/20/2010 Student Success - Chapter 6
Community Service Learning
03/29/2010 CLASS Cohort Report Supplement
CLASS Cohort Report Supplement
CLASS Cohort Report - Basic Skills
CLASS Cohort Report - Basic Skills
02/16/2010 Student Success - Chapter 5
Outcomes for Basic Skills Students
01/19/2010 Student Success - Chapter 4
Personal Development Counseling


Date Agendas Minutes Documents
12/15/2009 Student Success - Chapter 3
Project Success
11/12/2009 PDF Format
CLASS Site visit
CLASS Cohort Report
CLASS Cohort Report Supplement
Student Success - Chapter 2
PowerPoint / Word Documents
CLASS Site visit
CLASS Cohort Report
CLASS Cohort Report Supplement
Student Success Discussion
10/20/2009 Student Success - Chapter 1
Introduction to Student Success

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