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Employee Resources

Archived Remote Reports

MARCH 19, 2020 UPDATE 

To comply with Gov. Newsom's March 19 stay-at-home order, all District employees are to work from home beginning Friday, March 20. Only essential employees who have been identified by Cabinet members are allowed on the Grossmont or Cuyamaca College campuses. No one is permitted on the campuses without prior approval from a college vice president or a vice chancellor. 

Please review the District COVID-19 webpage for the most up-to-date information.  

Managers and Supervisors
All managers and supervisors should work with their employees to allow maximum flexibility in work schedules, including working remotely and approving any reasonable leave request. Employees with childcare challenges, employees with medical conditions that place them at risk of the virus, and those in a high-risk age group are our top priority
During this emergency, employees who need to use sick leave for whatever reason will not be required to provide a doctor’s note.
Leave Use
Employees who need to be absent from work during this crisis will be permitted to use any available leave.  Employee leave balances can be accessed through Workday by going to Time Off and then to Time Off Balances. Human Resources will work with any employee who is out of leave balances to find ways to ensure that regular wages are not impacted.
District Policy

Employees are reminded that discrimination and harassment related to the Coronavirus is prohibited under policy and law. No person should be subject to bias, harassment, or discrimination related to the virus. Please contact Human Resources immediately on any reports of bias, harassment, or discrimination. In addition, it is our responsibilty not to retailiate against any person who raises health or safety concerns. 




Will I be paid during this time?

YES. All employees will continue to be paid whether they are essential employees working onsite or working remotely. This includes temporary hourly workers (such as NANCE) who will be paid their regularly scheduled work week.

 Will my paycheck continue to be direct deposited? 

YES. We strongly encourage Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit, payment is automatic and there is no need for human interaction. If the campus is completely shut down, employees with “live” pay checks will have their checks mailed to their home address. Employees can sign up for Direct Deposit through Workday by going to PAY and then to Payment Elections. This would also be a good time to verify that all your personal contact information is up to date in Workday, including your emergency contact information. This information can be found in the Personal Information section. 

If I am sick, what do I do?

Stay home. The only way to get better is to take care of yourself.  If you are enrolled in the District medical plan for Kaiser Permanente or United Healthcare, you and your dependents can take advantage of a virtual office heath visit for non-emergency medical conditions and avoid having to visit a physical health office in person. Please see the attached for more information. A virtual visit is usually the same cost as your office visit co-pay. (Attach documents) 

How should I put my time into Workday if I use leave? 

 During this time, we are allowing employees to use any of their accrued balances (sick, vacation, etc.) If you would like to review your balances, all balances can be found in Workday under Time Off and then Time Off Balances. 

What if I am completely out of time off balances? 

Please contact Human Reso​urces at (619) 644-7571 and they will work with you on options.

My kids are out of school and I have to be off. How do I put my time in Workday? 

At this time, you can use any balances that you have available in Workday. If you are out of balances, please contact Human Resources at (619) 644-7571 and they will be able to assist you. 

If I have scheduled vacation time, can I still take my vacation? Do I still report it in Workday as vacation?

Yes, you can still take your vacation and you should report your leave time in Workday. At this time, all employees are expected to be working remotely or onsite if they are essential employees. 


How are we working remotely?

All employees are expected to be working, whether they are an essential employee working onsite or working remotely. Employees should be available by telephone and email to their supervisors during their regular work hours. Employees will work with their supervisors to identify assignments while working remotely. 

Are we still teaching online/remotely?

Yes. The colleges are continuing to offer learning to our students remotely. We will offer virtual training to faculty members who wish to learn how to utilize distance education. The Canvas Help Desk web page provides phone numbers and email addresses for faculty and student support.

Are Student Services moving online? 

Yes. For information on services on your campus, go to Cuyamaca College campus response to COVID-19 or Grossmont College campus readiness for COVID-19.

What if I need technology support in order to work remotely?

All employees have remote access to email and Workday. Technology support is available. 

I am on a screening committee. Are we continuing with recruitng job candidates?

Yes. We plan to continue interviews and screening committee, but they will be conducted by phone or video conferencing.

How do I access my voicemail remotely?

All you need to do is call (619) 644-7454, enter # followed by your extension, and then enter your password followed by #. 











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