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Snake Bite

Always remember to watch your step when walking, especially near bushes or in open fields. Rattlesnakes tend to be shy around people, and will try to get away from a human if possible.

Should you encounter a rattlesnake on campus:

  • Back away slowly until you are a safe distance from the snake.
  • Call the Campus and Parking Services office at extension 7654.

If you are bitten by a rattlesnake:

  • Stay calm. Be aware that rattlesnake bites are serious but seldom fatal.
  • DO NOT make an X-shaped incision and attempt to suck out the venom. DO NOT apply a tourniquet or pack the wound with ice. All of these "remedies" can cause serious tissue damage.
  • Get a safe distance away from the snake, but do not run to get help. Call for help from a passerby.
  • Call 911 to be transported to a hospital emergency room, where antivenin medications and treatments are available.
  • Rest quietly with the affected limb in a lowered position until help arrives.

Public Safety Contact Numbers

Call 911 in an emergency

  • Life-threatening situation
  • Medical emergency
  • Crime in progress
  • Fire
  • Major disturbance
  • Crime report
  • Request for police presence to deal with potentially-disruptive person

Call Extension 7654 or (619) 644-7654 for Campus and Parking Services

  • Automobile assistance
  • Parking
  • Lost & Found
  • Safety Escort
  • Room Unlock/Lock

Public Safety and Campus and Parking Services information


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