Planning Documents


The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District underwent a thorough planning process to determine how it can best serve students for the next decade and beyond. These planning documents are the result of that process. The planning documents are components that all link to our overarching goal of student learning and success.

The 2023-24 Districtwide Strategic Goals and Strategic Priorities provide the framework for planning and strategic direction throughout the District.

The Educational Master Plan is a long-range, comprehensive document that will serve as the District’s blueprint for the future. The plan is intended to guide institutional and program development at both the college and district levels.

The Technology Plan 2023-2029provides direction and guidance that will move the future of technology throughout the District in the direction of increased Information security, strengthened teaching and learning, enhanced student experiences, and improved administrative efficiencies to meet the mission of the colleges.

The 2013 Facilities Master Plan, also based on the Educational Master Plan, identifies key educational needs and trends in our community and serves as the blueprint for institutional development and resource allocation. Its purpose is to translate the district’s priorities for student learning and success into recommendations for development of facilities at each campus.

To find specific sections of the Facilities Master Plan, hover on the bottom of the document and click on the Adobe image on the right. Then click on the blue bookmark image on the left of the page to open the bookmarks.

The GCCCD 2016-2022 Strategic Plan presents the goals and strategic directions the district will pursue to respond to the changing educational needs of the San Diego East County region. The plan reflects the input of internal and external constituencies throughout the district's service area and is informed by data about regional workforce and demographic trends.