Link Title Text Descriptions


Here are a few things to guide you when writing title text descriptions for links on a webpage:

  1.  When creating links make sure to use descriptive text for the link and title text, such as what the link actually is. For example, use the document/link title in the text. Do not use simple text such as "click here" or "sign up here" as the displayed link text as this is not descriptive enough when using a screen reader.
  2.  It is not necessary to capitalize "Title" text although it may look better to you when you hover over it but it is important to keep in mind these changed are for a visually-impaired person and they will rely on the screen reader and not the displayed text.
  3.  It is not necessary to type the words "link to" in the title text field as screen reading software reads links by fault as "link to". If you type that out the screen reader will say to the end user "link to link to..".


add link dialogue box