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Academic Calendar: 2010-2011, 2011-2012
Academic Contract Personnel Request

Academic Hire Form
Academic Regular Reduction in Workload Request
Academic STRS Reduction in Workload Request
Accreditation Data Request Form
Administrator Appraisal Form
Administrator Appraisal Form Training
Adobe Software Request Form
Attendance Roster Files:
     Instructions for Excel
     Instructions for Mac 2008

Banking Form
Budget Increase Request
Budget Transfer or Abatement
Borrowed Equipment Request (PDF)

Cash Transmittal
Change in Work Schedule
CSEA Legacy Shift Differential Request
Change of Address
Check Out Form
Exit Questionnaire
Notice of Resignation-Retirement
Check Request Form
     Quick Start
     Full Procedure
Classified Classification Instructions
Classified Classification Review Form

Computer Network and Email Account Request
Computer System Security and Use Agreement
Cooperative Work Experience Time Sheet
Confidential Administrator Evaluation
Confidential Administrator Professional Enhancement Fund Request
Confidential Staff Annual Performance Assessment
Contract, Request for
     Quick Start
     Full Procedure
CSEA Annual Performance Assessment
CSEA Probationary Evaluation

Direct Deposit Form 
Donation - Cash
Donation - Equipment
Donation of Sick Leave
Unlawful Discrimination Complaint Form
Driver Data Form

Education Plan
Expense Transfer Long Form

Faculty Peer/Manager Evaluation Forms:

     Coaching Instructor Form
     Counselor Form
     DSP&S Form pending
     Instructor Form
     Librarian Form
     Online Instructor Form

Foundation Forms
   Revenue Deposit and Approval Guide
     FGCC Check Request
     FGCC Deposit
     New Scholarship Fund Form
     Payroll Donation Form

GROUP A-Breadth -Academic Course Work
GROUP A-Depth -Academic Course Work
GROUP B-Professional Growth

Form I-9
I-30 Certification
Inter-Budget Transfer
ISP Information
     Part I Current Year ISP Annual Goals
     Part II Previous Year ISP Supervisor's Conclusions Report

Live Scan Request Form
Live Scan (Locations)
Logo Manual

Marketplace Notice
Missing Credit Card Receipt Form

Non-Academic Hourly Employee Hire Package

Before non-academic hourly employment can begin with the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, new employees must complete the following forms:

The supervisor is responsible for reviewing the Safety Tips and Right to Know booklet with employee prior to submission of the acknowledgement form. The booklet is for the hourly employee to keep for future reference. In addition to the hourly employment forms, the person hired must present original documents that verify identity and employment eligibility. All documents must be unexpired and the documents must be verified by the supervisor or by the Human Resources staff and recorded on the form I-9 (See Form I-9 for list of acceptable documents). After the hourly employment forms are completed, they are submitted to the supervisor for review and submission to Human Resources. It is the department's responsibility to verify that all forms have been completed before submitting to Human Resources. See "Non-Exempt Hourly Worker Quick Reference" for Live Scan and TB assessment requirements (TB Assessment Information). Live Scan must be submitted using the District "Request for Live Scan Service" form (Locations).  Cost of the live scan service is the employee's responsibility, the District does not reimburse employee for live scan expenses. If you have questions, contact Human Resources at 619-644-7678.


Not for Credit Instructor Hire Form
Notice of Healthy Workplace Healthy Family Act of 2014 Paid Sick Leave
Notice of Resignation/Retirement
Notice of Termination/Resignation - Part Time Employees

Object Code Information
     Quick Object Code
     Quick Salary Object Codes
Off Campus Activity Request
     Activity Form Tutorial
     Full Procedure
Organization Modification Form
Out of Class and Temporary Assignment Form

Part-Time Academic Hire Package

Before part-time academic employment can begin with the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, new employees must register to attend the new hire orientation session.  All required forms must be COMPLETED PRIOR to the orientation.  Please call Human Resources at (619) 644-7638, if you have any questions.

    Hire Packet Checklist and Supplemental Forms
    Form I-9
    Form W-4
    Form DE-4 State Withholding
    Designation of Beneficiary forms:
    CalSTRS Recipient Designation     

    Physical Form (If this is employee's first time teaching in CA)
    Equivalency Request (If employee applied under the equivalent)
    Verification of Vocational Experience (for Vocational Instructors)
    Benefits Notification (AFT)
    GCCCD Marketplace Notice
    Exchange FAQ
    3121 Plan Summary

       INFORMATION- Please read and acknowledge the forms below:

    Payroll & Human Resources Information
    Safety Tips and Right to Know
    AFT Guild, Local 1931 Fair Share Information

As an academic employee you are required to submit the above mandatory items to the Human Resources Department within 3 days after commencing employment or your payroll warrant cannot be processed. These items must be submitted in person so that you may receive your employee ID and Live Scan paperwork. Please bring a copy of your I-9 documentation for verification purposes. Appointments may be made by calling (619)-644-7679.

You have 30 days from the beginning of staff development week or beginning of summer session, if hired for summer, to provide the following information/forms/items to the Human Resources Department or your payroll warrant will be held until these items are received.

Verification of minimum qualifications for the discipline employed (e.g. official transcript, credential, equivalency, letters of occupational experience, etc.)

    Worker's Compensation Benefit Form
    Live Scan (Required within 10 days) Locations
    TB Assessment and Certificate of Completion

Paystubs Online Directions
PFS Forms
     PFS Participant Form Confidential Classified
     PFS Participant Form Supervisory
     PFS Participant Form Management
Procurement Card Agreement
Procurement Card Application
Professional Enhancement Fund Request
Professional Expert Hire Form
Public Information Request

Quick $ Request
     Quick Reference - Purchasing Reimbursement
     Full Procedure - AC1


Record of Employee Safety Training (Risk Mgt)
Report on Restricted Programs
Request for Change in Expense Distribution
Request for Grant
Request for Leave of Absence Form (Risk Mgt)
Resignation/Retirement Form - Full-Time and Percent Contract Employees
Resignation/Termination Form - Adjunct and Hourly Employees
Restricted Funds Routing Form (Green Sheet)

Safety Tips and Right to Know Booklet
Salary Advancement Proposal for Part-Time Faculty
Short-Term Hourly Hire Form
SmartKey Request Form
Software Request Form
Special Project Authorization / Request for Payment
Stand-By Assignment Notification/Pay Sheet
Strategic Hire Request Form
Student Stipend
Substitute Hourly Hire Form
Surplus Property Form
Supervisory & Confidential Evaluation
Supervisory/Confidential Classification Review Request
Supervisory/Confidential Position Description Questionnaire

W-4.2019 (Tax Form - Federal)
DE-4.2018 (Tax Form - State)
3121 Plan Summary
Transient Occupancy Tax Waiver
Trust Fund Authorization
Travel Form: Word or PDF
Travel Policy FAQ
     Quick Start

Volunteer Form

     Use agreement for external websites
     Instructions to supervisors for externally-hosted websites


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