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The Benefits Department is committed to providing quality professional service. We are dedicated to assisting employees in understanding and maximizing their benefits.

Competitive compensation combined with excellent health care and retirement benefits make Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District one of the most desirable places to work in San Diego County.

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Welcome to the 2024 benefits page.  

Review the 2024 Benefits Guide, see information about benefits changes for the plan year, get helpful guides for Workday actions, see instructions for searching for providers, see information for waiving medical insurance. 

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We offer benefits to eligible employees.   

The Benefits Eligibility Grid illustrates employee types eligible for benefits. 

When Do Benefits Start?
Employees in Group A & E: First of the month after hire OR on date of hire if hire date is the first
Employees in Group B - D: Contact Human Resources

What is the Employee Contribution?
Employees in Group A, B, C, E: No charge for medical, dental, vision for employees and enrolled dependents
Employees in Group D: Contact Human Resources

No duplication of coverage for medical, dental and vision plans
Eligible employees and retirees may only be covered in a GCCCD plan type (medical, dental, vision) in one instance. If an employee or retiree can be claimed as an eligible dependent for a relative that is also an employee or retiree of GCCCD, they cannot be enrolled under their own plan and at the same time as that of their relative.

Dependent children may only be covered in a GCCCD plan type (medical, dental, vision) in one instance. If both parents are also employees or retirees of GCCCD, they must decide which parent will cover the dependent child(ren). The child(ren) cannot be covered simultaneously under the plan of each parent.

Example 1: Anna and Bob are married and both work for GCCCD. Anna wishes to enroll Bob under her plan. Bob wishes to enroll Anna under his plan. This is an example of duplication of coverage which is not allowed.

They are allowed only ONE of these choices: a) Anna enrolls Bob under her plan b) Bob enrolls Anna under his plan c) Anna enrolls separately and does not add Bob; Bob enrolls separately and does not add Anna

Example 2: Charlie is the son of Anna and Bob. With both Anna and Bob working for the district, they had to make a choice on which parent would enroll Charlie. They decided to cover Charlie under Anna's plan as an eligible dependent child.

Charlie now becomes a recent hire at GCCCD and is eligible to enroll under his own plan. He can elect to stay under Anna's plan and not enroll under his own plan (provided that he is still an eligible dependent child). Or he must be terminated from Anna's plan and enroll under his own plan. He will not be allowed to remain under Anna's plan and also be enrolled under his own plan.

Waiving Medical Coverage 

Employees can opt-out of enrolling in a medical plan. Proof of other medical enrollment must be provided to qualify for this waiver. Complete the waiver form found here.  Contact the Benefits Technician for next steps.

Opt-outs are available during open enrollment or within 31 days of enrollment in a qualified external medical plan.

You may enroll an eligible dependent on your medical, dental and vision plans.  Please review the Dependent Eligibility List of Acceptable Documents at the link below.  You will be required to submit this proof as part of the enrollment process.

 An eligible dependent child may stay enrolled on your plan through the month that they turn 26 years of age.

 Dependent Eligibility List of Acceptable Documents

Unless you have a qualified change in family status as defined by the IRS, the choices you make when you first become eligible remain in effect for the remainder of the year. Once you are enrolled, you must wait until the next open enrollment period (Mid-October) to change your benefits or add or remove coverage for dependents to be effective January 1 of next year.  You have 31 days from the date of your qualifying life event to make changes to your benefits coverage. See documents below to view qualifying life events and to make the benefit changes in Workday:

Note: Any change you make to your coverage must be consistent with the change in status.

Employees that are not eligible for District benefits can review the offering through the Health Insurance Marketplace through Covered California.

Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Website

Marketplace Coverage Options General Information 

District employees enrolled in a district medical plan can access benefits through the VEBA Resource Center (VRC).

The VEBA Resource Center is a caring and safe environment that supports VEBA members as they define their path to well-being. Everyone’s health care journey is unique, so we help our members find the resources that work for them. The VRC is centered around you.

​Most health care systems are designed for efficiencies, which does not give people the space they need to explore their most pressing issues. At the VRC, we look at chronic disease more often as the symptom of greater underlying challenges, as opposed to the singular challenge to solve.

The VRC can provide personalized plan services in:

  • mental health & education
  • stress reduction
  • movement
  • nutrition and cooking

The VEBA Resource Center offers VEBA Online, Personal Health Coach, Care Navigator and VEBA Advocacy.  Visit their website for more information:


MyVEBA Member Access

MyVEBA Member Access Information

How to Navigate MyVEBA

MyVEBA website:  https://myveba.org/

VEBA Online

The new virtual VRC offers more than 300 free group classes, such as Zumba, yoga and cardio for both kids and adults. Weekend workshops and education classes also available.

VEBA Online

Sign up online or go to their contact page: https://vebaresourcecenter.com/contact/ 

Teledoc Medical Experts

The Teledoc Medical Experts program (formerly "Best Doctors") provides free consultation with medical experts if you have a question about your health or are diagnosed with a serious, complex or rare medical condition. Teledoc Medical Experts will review your care, confirm your diagnosis and recommend treatment.

Visit teladoc.com/medicalexperts
Call 866-904-0910

Teledoc Medical Experts Info

Well-Being Coaching 

Receive individual care from the experts at the VEBA Resource Center. Sign up for health coaching on nutrition, exercise, flexibility and dieting. Convenient virtual and telephonic appointments are available.

Schedule a session online or go to their contact page: https://vebaresourcecenter.com/contact/ 

Care Navigator 

The Care Navigator is there to support VEBA members who need the greatest amount of help. Nurse Navigators develop a tailored care management plan to keep members engaged and accountable in their health care. Convenient virtual and telephonic appointments are available.

Schedule a session online or go to their contact page: https://vebaresourcecenter.com/contact/ 


VEBA Advocacy 

Navigating the health care system can be a confusing and complicated experience. The VEBA Advocacy Department is here to support you. VEBA members can reach out to an Advocate when they are experiencing an issue with their medical insurance carrier or their medical care provider, want to learn more about their VEBA benefits or need help selecting a new health care provider.

Call at 888-276-0250 or go to their contact page: https://www.vebaonline.com/contact/ 

VEBA Advocacy Summary