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The Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District's mission is to provide a user-centric experience that is enhanced through proficient content management, standards-based web development, practical user interface features, well-trained web authors, well-written user support documents, web accessibility and usability assurance, use of current web technologies, and analysis of user data and feedback.

***Newly Added Functionality to Modern Campus CMS***

Modern Campus CMS Search (Summer 2023)

Conducting a search on the website - results will only list only those webpages found on the district website and will no longer include any Google ads or links. This will make results more relevant and specific.  

Advanced search options - users can now search using keywords, phrases, wildcards, regular expressions, and more!  Additionally, users can now rank results by order, word proximity, frequency, and depth.

NOTE: Please search Grossmont and Cuyamaca websites for content specific to each college.

Additional important guidelines and information provided by the Marketing and Communications Team.

Requesting Assistance

The web team is here to help. We ask that you submit an email to and include all related details, questions or technical issues or needs and someone will contact you.