Job Descriptions

The job descriptions below are for informational purposes only and does not indicate that these positions are vacant. Current vacancies are listed in our Careers page.

*Class specifications are intended to present a descriptive list of the range of duties performed by employees in the class.  Specifications are not intended to reflect all duties performed within the job.

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Account Clerk
Account Clerk, Senior
Account Technician, Senior
Administrative Assistant I
Administrative Assistant II
Administrative Assistant III
Administrative Assistant IV
Administrative Procedures Specialist
Admissions and Records Assistant
Admissions and Records Assistant, Senior
Admissions and Records Specialist
Admissions and Records Specialist, Senior - International Students
Admissions and Records Systems Specialist
Art Gallery Technician
Assistant Bookstore Manager
Assistant College Cashier
Assistive Technology - Alternate Media Specialist
Athletic Academic Advisor
Athletic Eligibility Advisor
Athletic Equipment Technician
Athletic Facilities Technician
Athletic Field Maintenance Worker
Athletic Field Maintenance Worker, Senior
Athletic Maintenance Lead
Athletic Operations Specialist
Athletic Trainer
Benefits Technician
Bookstore Purchasing Assistant
Budget Analyst   
Business Analyst
Business Services Assistant
Business Services Facilitator
Business Services Specialist
Buyer, Senior
Buyer, Intermediate
Campus and Parking Services Specialist
Campus and Parking Services Specialist, Lead
Campus and Parking Services Technician
Campus Operations Assistant 
Child Development Center Aide
Child Development Center Assistant, Senior
Child Development Center Technician
Child Development Center Training Specialist
Clerical Assistant
Clerical Assistant, Intermediate
Clerical Assistant, Senior
College Cashier
Communication Equipment Operator
Community Learning Assistant
Community Learning Specialist
Computer Helpdesk and Web Support Specialist
Computer Helpdesk Specialist
Computer Lab Technician I
Computer Lab Technician II
Computer Lab Technician III
Computer Science Technician, Senior
Contracts Specialist
Creative Services Coordinator
Creative Services Design Specialist
Creative Services Support Specialist
Custodian, Senior
Database/Web Administrator
Department Lead - Shipping & Receiving
Desktop Support Technician
District Account Technician
District Cashier
Electrical Maintenance Lead
Electrical Technician, Senior
Electronics Technician, Lead
Evaluations Advisor
Facilities Assistant
Facilities Clerk, Senior
Faculty Evaluations Assistant
Financial Aid Advisor
Financial Aid Assistant
Financial Aid Assistant, Senior
Financial Aid Programs Specialist
Financial Aid Technician
Financial Analyst
General Maintenance Worker 
General Maintenance Worker, Senior
General Maintenance Worker, Senior - Carpenter Lead
General Maintenance Worker, Senior - HVACR
General Maintenance Worker, Senior - HVACR Lead
Graphic Designer
Graphics Coordinator
Grounds Maintenance Worker
Grounds Maintenance Worker, Lead
Grounds Maintenance Worker, Senior
Health & Safety Specialist
Health Professions Specialist
Health Services Nurse
Health Services Nurse Practitioner
Health Services Specialist
Human Resources Specialist
Human Resources Technician
Information Systems Business Analyst
Information Systems Support Specialist
Institutional Research Planner
Instructional Design Technology Specialist
Instructional Electronics Technician, Senior
Instructional Lab Assistant
Instructional Lab Assistant, Intermediate
Instructional Lab Assistant, Senior
Instructional Media Services Technician 
Instructional Media Services Technician, Senior
Instructional Media/Photo Services Technician
Instructional Media Services, Lead
Instructional Operations Assistant
International Student Specialist
Inventory Control Technician
Job Placement Case Management Specialist
Learning Assistance Center Specialist
Learning Resource Systems Specialist
Learning Resources Operations Specialist
Library Technician I
Library Technician II
Library Technician III
Mail Processor
Master Class Scheduler
Multi-Media Assistant, Senior
Network Specialist I
Network Specialist II
Network/Telecommunications Specialist
Network/Computer Equipment Technician
Office Assistant I
Office Assistant II
Office Assistant III
Ornamental Horticulture Assistant I
Ornamental Horticulture Assistant, Senior
Parking Services Technician
Payroll Technician
Personnel Commission Analyst
Personnel Commission Specialist
Photography and Digital Imaging Technician
Physical Education Facilities Technician
Printing Operations Assistant
Printing Operations Assistant, Senior
Printing Operations Specialist
Printing Operations Technician
Printing Operations Technician, Senior
Production Technician
Professional Development Specialist
Program Facilitator I
Program Facilitator II
Program Facilitator III
Program Specialist
Program Specialist - CalWORKs
Program Specialist - EOPS/CARE
Programmer Analyst
Programmer Analyst, Senior
Public Information Assistant 
Public Safety Compliance Specialist
Public Services Coordinator
Purchasing Assistant 
Research and Planning Analyst
Research Assistant
Scholarship Specialist
Science Lab Technician II
Science Lab Technician III
Science Lab Technician IV
Secretary Scholarship Specialist
Senior Recruiter
Special Projects Accountant
Specialty Lab Technician I
Specialty Lab Technician II
Specialty Lab Technician III - Fine Arts
Specialty Lab Technician III - Office Technology
Specialty Lab Technician III - Ornamental Horticulture
Specialty Lab Technician IV - Automotive Technology
Specialty Lab Technician IV - Health Science
Student Services Assistant
Student Services Assistant, Senior
Student Services Specialist
Student Services Specialist - Assessment
Student Services Specialist - Career Center
Student Services Specialist - Transfer Center
Student Services Specialist - Tutorial Center
Student Services Specialist - Vocational Assessment
Student Success Liaison
Systems Administrator
Test Proctor
Training Assistant
Tutoring Center Specialist
Warehouse Assistant
Warehouse Operator
Web Applications Specialist
Web Development and Support Specialist

Educational Managers

Associate Dean
Director of Student Development
Senior Dean
Senior Dean of Allied Health and Nursing

Classified Managers

Coordinator, CalWORKs
Coordinator, Evening Division
Coordinator, Title III Grant Activities
Director, Admissions and Records
Director, College and Community Relations
Director, College Business Services
Director, Community and Workforce Partnerships
Director, District/Campus Facilities, Operations & Maintenance
Director, Employment Services
Director, Enterprise Systems
Director, Financial Aid
Director, Information Security
Director, Instructional Technology
Director, IT Service Management
Director, Payroll
Director, Public Information, Government Relations and Community Relations
Director, Public Safety
Equity, Equal Opportunity and Title IX Officer
Facilities Specialist
Fiscal Services - Internal Auditor
Grant & Fundraising Coordinator
Manager, Campus Projects
Manager, Institutional Research and Planning
Manager, Technology Services
Senior Director, Districtwide Facilities
Senior Director, Information Systems
Senior Director, Fiscal Services
Senior Director, Purchasing and Contracts
Technology Project Manager


Admissions and Records Office Supervisor
Admissions and Records Technical Supervisor
Bookstore Supervisor
Business/Communications Services Supervisor
Campus and Parking Services Supervisor
Career Services Supervisor
Child Development Center Coordinator
Computer Services Supervisor
Counseling and Assessment Center Supervisor
Custodial Supervisor
District Accounting Supervisor
District Projects Supervisor
DSP&S Interpreter Coordinator
Dual Enrollment Coordinator
East County Education Alliance Coordinator
Electrical Maintenance Supervisor
Financial Aid Supervisor
First Year Experience Coordinator
Foster Care Education Program Supervisor
Grounds & Maintenance Supervisor
Grounds Supervisor
Health Services Supervisor
High School and Community Relations Coordinator
Instructional Computer Facilities Supervisor
Instructional Operations Supervisor
Instructional Technology Supervisor
Learning and Technology Resources Center Supervisor
Maintenance Supervisor
Ornamental Horticulture Coordinator
Outreach Coordinator
Payroll Analyst
Payroll Supervisor
Physical Education Supervisor
Printing Supervisor
Public Safety Supervisor
Purchasing Supervisor
Research & Planning Supervisor
Student Development Services Supervisor
Student Engagement Coordinator
Student Success Coordinator
Technical Services Supervisor
Warehouse Supervisor