Campus and Parking Services (CAPS)


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A new way to pay! Tired of walking to the machine to get a daily permit? We have partnered with Passport Parking to make your day easier. Just download the app, insert your information ONE TIME and pay while you walk to class, or even ahead of time!
Zone Name Zone Number
GC Lot 1 9230
GC Lot 3 9231
GC Lot 4 9232
GC Lot 4a 9233
Gravel Lot 9234
GC Lot 5 and Garage 9235
GC Lot 7 9236
CC Lot 1 9237
CC Lot 2 9238
CC Lot 4 9239
CC Lot 5 9240
CC All Other Lots or Any Lot 9241

Passport is available for iOS or Android

GCCCD is committed to providing sustainable transportation options to all students, staff and visitors. We have partnered with WAZE Carpool to offer a new method of alternate transportation. Waze Carpool drivers aren't professionals like those found on Uber and Lyft. Instead, they are neighbors, classmates and fellow San Diegans looking to meet new people and maybe get back some gas money. If you're not a fan of driving or maybe you live away from public transport, then give Waze Carpool a try. Your first ride is free!

Waze is available for iOS and Android.  

CAPS can provide both vehicle battery jumps and vehicle unlocks when needed. Please call (619) 644-7654 to request assistance. The person requesting vehicle assistance must present a pictured identification and must be the registered owner for the vehicle. A Request for Motorist Assistance Waiver of Liability Form must be completed by the person requesting assistance to relieve the liability from the District on any damages that may occur to the vehicle during any complimentary service. CAPS cannot provide services for vehicles parked off campus property.

To request a safety escort, call the CAPS Office at Extension 7654 or (619) 644-7654. When calling, please specify if the escort requires a Deputy Sheriff to be present. The CAPS office cannot accommodate disability escorts. Please contact the ARC or DSPS office for this service.

All students, staff and faculty, vendors and guests must display a valid parking permit while parked at the Grossmont and Cuyamaca campuses. Parking rules and regulations are enforced year round including holidays, Spring break, weekends and summer session. Owners are solely responsible for loss, damage or theft to their vehicle while parked on the Grossmont or Cuyamaca Campuses. Vehicles parking on campus must be parked between two demarcated lines. The Parking Enforcement page has more detailed information about purchasing permits and parking regulations.

The Lost and Found receives property from the Grossmont and Cuyamaca campuses. Found property is stored at both campus locations, Cuyamaca building A100 and Grossmont building 57. Lost and Found items are purged every 90 days and donated to various charities when unclaimed.

For all parking services request, please fill out the form and email the form to

Parking Services Request Form

Below are the pre-arranged sign setups for each campus. If you would like to request one of these setups, it can be added to the parking services request form.

Cuyamaca Pre-arranged Signs Available

Grossmont Pre-arranged Signs Available

Special event and Vendor permits are requested through the CAPS office and approved by the Director. CAPS requires 1 week advanced notice for all special requests. Requests made after regular business hours cannot be accommodated, regular business hours are 8:00am to 4:00pm. Vendors may NOT drive on interior campus for any reason without prior authorization.