Parking Frequently Asked Questions

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A: Anyone who works on, attends, or visits the campus must purchase and display a valid permit. Visitor permits may be purchased at the information kiosks located at the parking structures or at any of the permit dispensers in various parking lots throughout campus. Permits are required on campus at all times except Sunday's. Enforcement is conducted year round, including holidays. 

A: Our daily parking permit costs $2.00. Student parking permits are $40.00 a semester and $18.00 for summer semester. Motorcycle permits are not required but motorcycles must be parked in designated motorcycle parking. If you receive a BOG waiver you may be eligible for a reduced rate of a regular semester permit.

A: Students must place their static cling permit on the inside of their vehicle windshield just above the vin number. Staff may use a hanger provided or place on their vehicle windshield.

A: Each campus provides temporary visitor parking for up to 60 minutes. The areas are strictly monitored for abuse and therefore if you are unsure of your length of your visit you should purchase a permit. Cuyamaca visitor parking is near the one-stop area and by the track and field. Grossmont visitor parking is out front of building 10.

A: If you ordered your student semester permit online and it has been more than 10 days, please contact office to locate it.

A: We do not replace lost or stolen permits under any circumstances. You will need to purchase a new permit or a daily permit as needed.

A: You should purchase a $2.00 daily parking permit for your vehicle at one of the gray parking kiosks or at the cashiers offices.

A: No, overnight parking is not permitted on campus and vehicles will be cited or towed. For special circumstances, please call CAPS in advance at x7654 to make arrangements.

A: If you buy a daily visitor permit for $2, parking is available in any student parking area. Student parking areas are identified with signage and have two white demarcated lines to park in. Those with a student parking permit or daily parking permit cannot park in spaces marked "staff".

A: Parking citations can be paid at the cashiers offices or online by visiting: CVC 40220 allows for installment payments to qualifying low-income individuals who apply within 120 days from the issuance of a notice of parking violation, or within 10 days after an administrative hearing determination, whichever is later. For more information, including about applying and determining if you qualify, please call 619-644-7654 or visit our website A payment plan application form will be required.

GCCCD makes every effort to provide safe and convenient parking for all who attend the college. Our campus has grown significantly so it's important that we maintain safe and suitable parking options. The costs associated with parking are high. Parking facilities require resurfacing and repaving every 5 to 7 years.

Here are some facts about parking:

  • Parking is not FREE - Building, operating, maintaining, and providing security for parking facilities costs A LOT of money.
  • Parking fees are necessary to build, operate, and maintain parking lots and provide adequate parking and safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Everybody likes free parking, including us. But just because we don't pay for it doesn't mean that the cost goes away. Somebody has to pay for it. And that somebody is everybody.
  • To accommodate the diverse parking needs of the campus community, GCCCD will offer various types of parking permits, most of which may be purchased in advance online.
  • Parking is authorized in designated parking spaces only. Parking spaces cannot be created. A parking space is designated by a white parking space line on each side or end of the vehicle. Vehicles must fit within the parking space lines.
  • GCCCD permit rates and parking fines are generally amongst the lowest throughout the state.
  • The revenue generated by parking fees can ONLY be used for building, operating, maintaining, and providing security for parking facilities on campus.

Top Parking Tips!

  1. Make sure you know the rules when visiting a campus.
  2. Arrive for classes or events 20 minutes early to ensure you get a parking spot.
  3. Always park legally.
  4. You can reduce your carbon footprint by biking to campus.